Gold Coast Wedding of Tim and Fatima – a memorable romantic affair

Purity. We generally associate it with colors like white. We also associate it with looks. You can even link it with emotions. However, at the wedding of Tim and Fatima, we witnessed how purity can be associated with relationships, looks, and even life itself. Yes, pure, serene, beautiful – these were the words that came into our minds when we were shooting the wedding videography of Tim and Fatima.

The romantic couple Tim and Fatima

Let’s begin with Tim, for a change. Yes, we usually begin our videos with the bride but let’s talk about the groom first. Tim is tall and well-built. He looks so innocent that you can’t help but like him. On his wedding day, he was busy with his friends, getting ready for the D-day and welcoming the guests.

Fatima is tall and slender. She is fair with a warm and gorgeous smile. For her wedding, she wore a white gown with embroidery. Her bridesmaids were decked up in lovely pink gowns.

Tim and Fatima are very romantic. They had a blast at their own wedding. Watch the Gold Coast wedding video to know how they enjoyed their special day.

Gold Coast wedding of Tim and Fatima

Fatima and Tim chose InterContinental Sanctuary Cove in Gold Coast as their wedding venue. It is a beautiful place with long winding roads, green meadows, lots of greenery and a magnificent building in white. We found plenty of spots inside to capture the couple in romantic moods. Of course, the lovely Australian weather, the sandy beaches, and the sea provided the perfect backdrop for our shots.

Without the customary shots, no wedding video becomes complete. So, we included a few clips of Fatima getting ready, checking her makeup and her girl friends having fun together. There is one particular shot in which Fatima is seen with the bouquet, complete in the wedding attire. She looks so elegant in the shot.

The wedding was a fun-filled affair. The speeches showcased how much Fatima and Tim are loved by their friends. It was touching to hear their lovely wishes for the newlyweds. One of her friends even mentioned how Tim was the perfect guy for Fatima and we couldn’t agree more.

The wedding hall, sun-kissed and decorated with white flowers, looked very peaceful. The wedding vows were taken solemnly and everybody wished the couple. It was time for some light moments and so we headed outdoors to capture the newlywed couple with their friends. At the reception, the couple danced sensuously. We were lucky to be a part of the Gold Coast wedding videography and wish Tim and Fatima a happy married life.