Rosewood wedding of Emma and Brade – witnessing an eternal love affair

Love was in the air, we could feel it. As the camera started rolling and Brade took Emma in his arms, we could almost touch love in its full glory. However, we never knew that we would witness love in different forms that day. If you are wondering what we are talking about, here is the gist. Emma and Brade got married at Rosewood in ipswich and we were present there as their wedding videographer. Let’s see their wedding film now.

The Ipswich wedding

What a lovely place Rosewood is just part the heart of ipswich! We were enthralled by its views and so we decided to begin the Ipswich wedding videography with the magnificent view of the place. The sweeping views of the rolling grounds with the chirping of birds as background music became the first shot of this wedding film. Just look the aerial sight of the place and you would understand how beautiful it is.

Emma and Brade joined us, in romantic moods, hugging and kissing each other in the spectacular setting.

The camera picked up the cue from here and we simply followed the moments and captured them in our lenses.

Emma and Brade – a romantic couple forever in love

Emma is a beautiful lady. Motherhood has added to her elegance. She looked charming in the white self-embroidered gown that she wore for the wedding. Brade is a humble guy. He is caring and responsible towards his family. Brade and Emma have three kids and they are simply adorable.

Brade and Emma chose to tie the knots in the midst of nature. The rustic wedding theme suited their personalities. The wooden bottle openers, the flowers, the open sky, and the vast open spaces gave a simple yet soothing look to their wedding film.

The holy union of Brade and Emma

Emma and Brade chose to tie the knot in a simple way. A handful of their friends and relatives attended the wedding apart from their parents. Of course, the kids were there to add laughter to the celebrations. We must mention Imogen, the elder daughter who gave a lovely wedding speech.

The bridesmaids and groomsmen were there to cheer, laugh and make the day memorable for the couple. The guests enjoyed the Australian weather and the hospitality of the couple. Love of the near ones, warmth of beautiful hearts, and plenty of fun marked the wedding day of Emma and Brade. They danced to lovely tunes and made everyone join them on the dance floor.

We wish Emma and Brade continue to be in love and support each other and create a loving world for themselves and their kids.