Relaxed and fun-filled Brisbane wedding of Rebekah and Des

It takes a lot of time to plan a wedding. A lot of thoughts, good wishes and love make a wedding perfect. We felt this while shooting the wedding film of Des and Rebekah. Watch their Brisbane wedding videography and wish them a happy married life.

Wedding of Des and Rebekah – a casual and fun affair

Des and Rebekah tied the knot at the Brookwater Golf Club in Brisbane. It offers an intimate space to host weddings along with your guests. The place also offers a lot of scopes to enjoy and relax.

It was more of a holiday. Yes, Rebekah and Des made sure that the guests had a lovely time at the Brookwater Golf Club. So, you would find them relaxing, enjoying the sun, and even blowing bubbles.

Des and Rebekah are two incredibly romantic people. They love each other madly and that shows in small gestures. They wrote to each heartwarming messages that made Rebekah cry. Even while taking the wedding vows, Rebekah couldn’t control herself. Although Des remains quiet most of the times, his feelings became apparent when he sang the romantic number “Thinking loud” at the reception along with the guitar. Yes, he is a fabulous guitarist along with being a good vocalist. We must say Rebekah is very lucky.

As we mentioned before, Des and Rebekah meticulously planned their wedding. They had a relaxed wedding with lots of fun and laughter. The wedding venue was decorated simply but tastefully. The sun glowed warmly on the couple as they took their wedding vows in a natural and serene setting.

The Brisbane wedding video of Rebekah and Des

We began the video with a view of the harbor and the sea. Des and Rebekah were visibly moved by the spectacular sceneries and kissed each other passionately. As they roamed around the place, we also moved with them, capturing the views, the lovely weather and the romantic couple.

I must mention the reception separately. It was a gala event. With the parents giving heartfelt speeches, the friends sharing their good wishes, peppy music, lots of drinks and dance, it became an eventful night. Rebekah and Des danced together, enjoyed with their friends and played games too.

Des sang for his newlywed bride making her go emotional. As the night deepened, the guests went berserk on the dance floor and made the night memorable. We ended the Brisbane wedding film with a lovely shot of the couple beside the lake with the sun spreading its rays on the huge canopy of the wood.

We wish Des and Rebekah a happy and prosperous married life. Let all their dreams come true.