The Fairytale of Chris and Jenna’s Heavenly Wedding

Zeal Visuals –  Wedding Films had the pleasure of being a part of Chris and Jenna’s love story and boy was it a treat to cover.

The lovebirds met each other a few years back and decided to tie the knot in an intimate setting with close friends and family by their side. The picture perfect couple’s wedding ceremony and reception was oozing with classic rustic elegance, something you’d picture at the movies. Let’s take a closer look at the finer details that took place on the biggest day of Chris and Jenna’s lives.

It all began one fine morning. The weather seemed to be perfectly in tune for the outdoor ceremony that was soon to unfold within our very own eyes. With clouds making their way towards us, we knew that rain was about to bless the couple on their new beginning.

The stunning Miginbil Eco Resort played host as the ideal location for both parties to get their preparations off to a fabulous start. Chris and his groomsmen were all smiles as they teased and joked their way into giving the groom a helping hand. The excitement and nervousness could clearly be seen in Chris’s eyes, this was the day he had imagined for years. And he couldn’t wait to lay his eyes on his bride.

On the other side of the spectrum, the bridal party had begun with a bang. All the bridesmaids were smiling and laughing their way as they began to get their hair, makeup and nails done. With all eyes on Jenna, she was made to feel like the queen in all her royalty. Her hairdo, her dress and of course her veil were all donned to seamless perfection. Jenna couldn’t stop smiling with butterflies running through her stomach. She was ready to begin her fairytale journey.

It was soon time for the couple’s intimate photo session. This was an emotional moment for both Chris and Jenna, a moment of surrealism to be exact. As they greeted one another with a heavy heart, it was time to click away for memories to last a lifetime.

Each pose and emotion portrayed by the couple was so natural. It seemed as if they had been practicing for years. And right as the photo shoot ended, it began to pour heavily, making Chris and Jenna smile at each other with relief as the entire shoot was based in the outdoors.

It was now time for the moment of truth, a moment each of them had been waiting for anxiously. The couple had chosen Crams Farm for their intimate ceremony. Jenna was walked down the aisle by her emotional father, guests gazing at the beautiful bride in all her glory. As she laid eyes on Chris, she knew his heart was melting on the inside. The couple exchanged vows and shared a passionate kiss as they were pronounced husband and wife. It was now time for the real fun to begin.

All the guests eagerly returned to the Miginbil Eco Resort for the excitement filled reception. The couple shared their first dance amidst the blessings of those most precious to them. It was a breathtaking sight with lights, music and lots of celebration in the air. From toasts and speeches to a wonderful dining experience and innovative games too, the night was soon to come to an end.

Chris and Jenna couldn’t have asked for a day any better than this. It was truly a wedding of a lifetime, something the couple can recollect, years from today. And the Midginbil Wedding Film was able to capture every last detail of their magical journey.