Wedding of Ben and Sarah – Lakeside Country Club

It’s all about emotions, it’s all about commitment, and it’s all about love. Yes, life can be very simple and satisfying if we keep our priorities right. We realized this while shooting the wedding video of Ben and Sarah at Gold Coast in Australia. Watch this lovely video and wish the couple love and happiness.

Ben and Sarah – a lovable couple

Ben and Sarah make a lovable couple. The first thing you would notice about them is their simplicity. As individuals, they are well-grounded and know their priorities. They are in the relationship for some time and share a fantastic chemistry. They are romantic, love each other madly and committed to each other.

Ben is simple, adorable and an affectionate father. The way he was taking care of their son, Benny, revealed his nature. His friends revealed how serious he was about his career, Sarah, and their relationship.

Sarah has a sweet nature. She can win anyone’s heart with her gorgeous smile. For the wedding, she wore a white gown that hugged her hour-glass figure and made her look sensuous.

Simple and heartwarming wedding in the Gold Coast

Gold Coast is a beautiful place with its long sandy beaches, the blue ocean, and fantastic scenery. The Australian weather was nice and warm giving us the opportunity to take some great outdoor shots. The most striking feature of this marriage was that it was kept as a secret from the guests. Ben and Sarah invited their friends and relatives to Hurricanes and surprised them by declaring their wedding. Watch the reaction of the guests in the video.

We shot the couple in their romantic moods in the manicured gardens, in front of the lake and while walking down the winding paths. The video begins with one such romantic clip.

The wedding was a humble affair. Ben and Sarah read their vows with earnestness. Their close friends and relatives witnessed the holy union. Ben gave a simple but heart touching speech to thank everyone for attending their marriage.

The reception was organized at the Lakeside Country Club which was tastefully decorated. The reception became memorable with dances, customary games, good food and drinks and of course the love of the near ones. We were there to capture these lovely moments in our camera. For me, the best shot is the one in which Ben and Sarah are taking selfies with their son. This is what makes life complete, your family.

As mentioned by a friend in the wedding speech, holding on to each other is the most important thing and we hope Ben and Sarah would hold on to each other for the rest of their lives.