Getting Your Property Ready for Videography & Photography

Do you have a property for sale in Brisbane and you are looking for ideas on how it can sell fast and for more cash? One of the easiest way to create captivating first impressions on your property is through high quality photos and videos. But before you look for a professional Brisbane real estate photographer or Brisbane real estate videographer, you need to get your property ready for that professional shoot.

In this post, am going to share with you simple tips that you need to implement in order to get your property ready for professional videography and photography.


Try and declutter as much as possible by ensuring that you have removed all unnecessary items. Put away your clothing, towels, toys, shoe racks and dishes. Your house will look more spacious and neatly arranged. Failure to declutter your home before photo shoot may actually cost you more as you may be forced to pay for Photoshop services to remove unwanted items.


Try and depersonalize your home as much as possible. Remember one man’s meat is another man’s poison! Therefore, ensure the photo and video shoot only capture a home in its neutral form. Remove all the family photos, artwork or any other hanging that may symbolize your lifestyle.

Clean Thoroughly

A clean home is always welcoming. Deep clean all the key surfaces to ensure that they sparkle. Clean the kitchen sink thoroughly and remove all the dishes. Also, clean all the kitchen countertops and remove all the toasters.

The bathroom should also be cleaned thoroughly especially the counter tops without forgetting to remove all the personal items, shampoos, conditioners and body washes from the shower. Replace all your personal towels with clean white guest towels.

Replace your old shower curtains and clean the windows. Open all the window curtains and blinds at 45 degrees angel to let in natural light and fresh air to your home.

Mow & sweep your lawn

A well maintained lawn helps in improving your curb appeal. Have your lawn trimmed before the photo shoot and remove all the leaves and other debris to give it a stunning look. You can remove any personal decorations on the lawn to give it a neutral look.

Clear Driveways

Your driveways and walkways should be clean and empty. Pull all your cars out of the driveways so that you can get a clear chance to showcase the front side of your home and the entire car park area. Any distractions will result to a poor display and you may end up outsourcing for Photoshop which is not necessary.

Remove all waste bins

Wastes bins, garden tools and hoses should also be removed on front of your house when getting ready for video and photo shooting. Consider replacing them with items which can add value to your home and attract buyers’ attention such as bright flowers of different colors in pots.

Visual appeal plays a very important role when it comes to the success of online property marketing. It takes prospective home buyers only a few seconds of viewing your listing to either develop more interest on your property or move on to the next listing. Listings with high quality photos and videos records high number of traffic and bids from interested buyers. That’s why as a home seller, you should never compromise on your listing by using low quality photos and videos to market your property online.