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There are just some events in our life that only happens once like a wedding and so, for sure, you would want to treasure that very important event in your life. With that being said, we introduce you our company, Zeal Visual. We are a Brisbane videographer that you can trust when it comes to videography needs.

What We Do

Capture Weddings

A wedding is where two people who truly loves each other gets to start a chapter in their life together. It is also an event where family and friends gathers to give their blessings to the couple. As a wedding videographer, we would see to it that we capture all those special moments that you shared together so that you can go back to those happy times in the future. It can be one of the greatest investments you can make for your wedding.

Brisbane Videogapher

Brisbane Videographer

Cover Events

Regardless of whether your school has an upcoming sports festival or your company has an upcoming event like perhaps, the launching of your new products, we are more than willing to cover it for you. It can also be a great marketing material for your school/company. No matter how big or small it is, we would engage in careful planning so that we can best capture even the smallest details in your event.

Produce Real Estate Films

Real estate films have been a growing trend due to the fact that it is considered to be the best way to present a property and allow a prospect buyer to have a glimpse of the property that they have their eyes on without the need for them to go there personally. When you hire us as your real estate videographer, we would see to it that we highlight the best features of the property that you are selling to make it more appealing to your prospect buyers. We would be capturing videos of it in its best angles.

Create engaging commercials

There is no denying in the fact that videos are more powerful marketing tools as compared to photos or texts. Nevertheless, its success would depend on the Brisbane Videographer that you hire. With Zeal Visuals, you are assured that your company’s values would be reflected in your commercials. After all, we would first get to know your company and whatever it is that you are offering before we create a script for it. As a result, you would be getting one engaging video content.

Why hire a professional Brisbane Videographer?

You might be thinking that you can just capture the video yourself or ask your friend to do it for you and so, why should you spend your dollars in hiring a professional videographer like us? Below are the benefits that you would get from working with an expert in this field.

Brisbane Wedding Videographer

Quality Work

First of all, the quality of work that a professional can provide you is surely of a different level than what you or your friend can produce. After all, a professional has all the tools and equipment to produce truly quality and professional videos. Hence, you are sure to get the best value of your money.

Stress free

Creating videos is not as simple as getting your camera and start capturing the things that needs to be captured in the video. You also need to consider a lot of things like the lighting, angles, etc. That way, you can capture the best videos. In order to master these things, it takes years of studying and practicing. It is not something that you can learn overnight. So, instead of stressing yourself out, just hire a Brisbane videographer.

Cost effective

While you might be thinking that hiring a professional for the job is expensive and only a waste of your money, that is not actually the case. In fact, it can actually help you save money and the money that you can get from it would be more than what you have spent for it, especially if your video would be used for marketing purposes. This is because when you have poor quality videos, it would surely tarnish your reputation and you would be paying more to recover it. In addition to that, when you work with a professional Brisbane videographer, it is possible for you to have videos that falls within your budget.

Brisbane Real Estate Videographer

Creativity and originality

For sure, you would want to have a wedding video or real estate films that are unlike any other, right? A professional videography company is comprised of creative people who can surely help you create original and unique videos. In addition to that, for companies, professionals like us knows how to best deliver the message that you wanted to rely to your audience and we also know how to best capture a video in a way that it would trigger an emotional response from who would be watching them.


Do you need to submit your videos at a specific amount of time? If so, then a Brisbane Videographer can assure you that your video would be submitted to you on time. In addition to that, due to our expertise, experience and knowledge in working in this industry, we know exactly how to what shots to take and what shots are needed to present you a great video in the end. This allows you to get the video faster since there is no time wasted in capturing shots that will not even be used in the video.

Brisbane Videogapher


Videography is what we make for a living and it is something that we are very passionate about. So, we have studied everything from determining good framing, lighting and even composition. We know what works well with what element. In addition to that, not only do we promise high quality images but we also promise high quality audio as well.

So, for your real estate films and other videography needs, just give us a call. We would surely never fail to meet all your needs and expectations. Contact us today!

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