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We like to work in a range of different fields and not limit our selves to specialise in one field as we believe that we can visually please everyone with our skill set.


Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event. The moments shared between you and your loved one, the smiling guests, the beautiful locations and everything in between shouldn’t fade into distant memory. Let us help you capture these memories, allowing you to experience your special day time after time.

Real Estate

Real Estate video marketing is essential way of show casing your property. Why not show potential buyers a virtual walk-through so that they feel like they’re right on the property. We offer not only the video service in Real Estate we also offer packages that include Floor plans and Photos. Please click below for more information.


Online videos is one of the most powerful tools you have to showcase your product, company or yourself (profile). We first get to know your product or company through consultations to see what your company is about and how we can market your company or product online. From storyboards to scripts, your film will be engaging for your selected market.


We also capture significant events in your life, these events range from sporting to musical events. We want to embed the atmosphere along with those special moments into the video so that you can remember or to showcase your event.

About Us

Welcome to Zeal Visuals, the Brisbane Videographer. Our goal is to provide exceptional visual contents that exceed our clients’ expectations for all the services they require from us.

We are the home of top-quality videography services here in Brisbane, Australia. We provide a range of videography services such as Events, Real Estate, Promotional Videos, Commercials, and Weddings. We will work with you to create or fine-tune your idea for the commercials and promotional videos. With your target audience in mind, we will build a visual narrative that will captivate your audience and meet your desired objectives.

As a top creative company with hands-on experience in every aspect of videography, we collaborate with individuals, brands, event managers, media campaign agencies, promotional companies, and so on to provide a full spectrum of videography services. Our production process allows for the swift completion of each project within the budget of the client.

As a brand, we leverage our creativity with top-notch equipment and professional skills to produce top-quality visual services that include photography and videography, maximising innovation to thrill our clients and their target audience.

With over seven years of active participation in videography activities, we are confident in our ability to satisfy the needs of our teeming clients.

To us, videography and photography is a combination of passion, skill, top-notch equipment, creativity, flexibility, and experience, blended to satisfy the exclusive needs of each client.

Serving our clients with exclusive and engaging video content is our top priority. Whether the client is an individual, intending couple, or corporate organisation, we deploy our professional expertise to meet their purpose at a competitive price range.

Visit our portfolio of projects delivered to clients across diverse sectors. We are your trusted destination for any videography project you have at hand. We will pay attention to details and achieve perfection for you in grand style.

Tak (Thach) Vu

Tak (Thach) Vu

Creative Director

Hi i’m Thach or you can call me Tak. I’m the Creative Director and owner of Zeal Visuals. I started my ventures in videography almost 7 years ago, when all I had was a phone that I used to record anything and everything I could. It wasn’t long until I invested in my first camera. After graduating from my Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering almost 2 years ago, I realised that I didn’t want to sit in the office all day and do the same thing day to day. What I love about videography is that every day is different. Every wedding or real estate video I’ve done was unique in their own way and tells a story of its own. Let me assist with the visuals and tell your story

Shirley Nguyen

Shirley Nguyen

Collaborator // Drafter

I’m Shirley and I help Tak from start to the finish for our wedding films, adding that final magical touch. I pay close attention to detail, capturing from the smallest to the biggest moments of your day. With a background in Interior Design & Construction, I work alongside Tac to draft fully rendered floor plans.

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